Friday, August 15, 2008

No-Salt Seasoning Shake

If you're trying to lessen your use of salt or eliminate it altogether, here is a great alternative that you can make at home with herbs and spices in your cupboard and maybe some from your garden. I still like to add salt to pasta and potatoes when they are cooking but I rarely add salt at the table. If you think you still need some seasoning to bring out flavors, try this. It's easy and fun to do.

1 t. garlic powder
2 t. onion powder
2 t. ground thyme
1 T. mild paprika
2 t. celery seed
1/2 t. ground white pepper
1/2 t. dry mustard powder
1 t. ground lemon peel
1 t. ground black pepper

Mix all ingredients together in a small bowl. Store in a glass jar fitted with a lid with a tight seal. Makes 1/3 cup.

Diabetic Cooking May/Jun 2004

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