Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fast Growing Trees

I know this is a recipe blog, and I don't plan on changing things, but I've been thinking about our health and about shopping for fresh and safe vegetables and fruits for these heart healthy recipes I like to post.
In this economy, most of us need to find a way to lower our bills. Watching our groceries is one way we can do this. We hear so much about tainted foods but shopping at a health food store for organic produce can be pricey. It would be nice to supplement the purchases we have to make at the store with fresh produce that we've organically grown ourselves. And we would feel safe, knowing that we were offering only the best to our family and friends.
I've invited a guest writer from Fast Growing Trees Nursery to tell us more about fruit trees and bushes. I hope it will inspire you to plan ahead for a spring planting, and a summer and fall harvest.

Fruit Trees

Often times we are looking for more ways to bring self-sufficiency into our lives. One of the most satisfying ways to do that is to pick some fruit off of fruit trees and bring it home for our family.

It just feels good walking into the house with a basket full of fruit. There is nothing like it! How can you not smile from ear to ear?

The pleasure of seeing your kids pick berries off of healthy, clean blueberry bushes in early summer does a parent good! How easy it is for them to enjoy the realization of where fruit actually comes from. Thornless blackberry bushes around the 4th of July makes for healthy snacking, pie baking and smoothies each summer without the worries of scratches and scrapes.

Peaches follow in mid-summer. The ease of picking is why dwarf peach trees are gaining more and more popularity in homes across America. With the average height being about 15 feet tall, a set of strong shoulders or a regular sized ladder is all it takes to fill that basket.

Fall brings the weeks and weeks of enjoying fresh and delicious fruit off of your dwarf apple trees. Little feet figure out quick how to climb up into the tree for easy picking. Apple sauce, baked with brown sugar, sliced into salads or dipped in peanut butter, make delicious snacks. Apples are, without a doubt, America’s favorite fruit snack!

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Mildred said...

Makes me hungry seeing all the fresh fruit. One of my fondest memories is picking blueberries around the 4th of July one summer.

Carla said...

what a great post!