Saturday, March 7, 2009

Bob and June's Coffee

I haven't done much with beverages on An Herbal Bedfellow. Beverages don't really fit into the herbal theme except for some teas. I admit to being partial to tea, but lately I've been drinking a little more coffee. Back in the early '70s, I decided to drink only decaf and I pretty much stick to it unless I get some by accident. I felt like I was doing a healthy thing for myself, but I was a little torn as I learned of some of the chemicals used to decaffeinate coffees. That's why I think you need to take a look at this gourmet coffee company.

Last week I was given the opportunity to sample Bob and June's Coffee. Bob and June's uses coffee beans from all around the world; Columbia, Costa Rica, Brazil, Ethiopia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Sumatra, Mexico, and Peru. I was fascinated by these exotic sounding coffees!

I chose to sample the Mexican Chiapas Coffee Beans because it was decaffeinated. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that they use a chemical free process. This coffee was described as a medium roast with earthy tones. You can almost smell those earthy tones in the beans. I don't know how discriminating my palette is, but I do know that I liked this coffee a lot. It's smooth and has a comforting quality that I liked. The fresh beans smelled so fabulous that I could have walked around with my nose in the bag all day long.

The best thing for me about Bob and June's Coffee is that this company really cares. Their product is 100% organic.
They are a member of the Rainforest Alliance, working with people whose livelihoods depend on using the land.
They are Fair Trade Certified, meaning they pay the farmers a "fair" price for the harvested beans.
They use only shade-grown coffee which is grown under a forest canopy preserving the area and providing shelter and food for migratory birds.

Bob and June's philosophy is based on the belief that we all have something worth believing, sharing, and doing that contributes to a better world.
I started to research a company that made an excellent coffee, and I found a great company with a conscience at the same time.

Bob and June's is a coffee that you can be proud to serve to your guests and when they ask about the coffee, you'll have a lot to talk about. Bob and June's Coffee is planning on turning the world around .. one cup at a time. I think they might just do it.

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Mildred said...

Thanks for the link to the great tasting coffee. I have one cup every morning and we always serve coffee with dessert when we have friends or family over. I will definitely save this site as a favorite.

Diane Kidman said...

Sounds like a good one! I love buying shade grown coffee - I heard recently that in areas where they grow shade grown coffee, they support so much ecodiversity that it's second only to the rainforest! Coffee is actually meant to be shade grown!

Thanks! I'll have to check these guys out.

Angie said...

Thanks for the great link. My husband and I are drinking more organic coffee as it's a natural way to boost your energy before a work out. Thanks for the information.

Jordan said...
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Anonymous said...

I use only this coffee at my B&B in upstate NY. The guests rave about it. It's rich and has a wonderful aroma. Arouses my guests upon arising and piquing their interest ... 'what's in that kitchen?'