Saturday, May 2, 2009

Faux Pink Champagne

With Mother's Day just around the corner, I thought you might be planning a wonderful Sunday brunch. Of course, all brunches need a champagne cocktail, but maybe you're not comfortable drinking alcohol or maybe your new diet declares it a no-no. Whatever the case, you can still celebrate in style with this faux pink champagne recipe. This bubbly won't give you the giggles, but it's guaranteed to tickle your nose!

3/4 c. sparkling apple cider, chilled
3/4 c. sparkling cherry-flavored mineral water, chilled
1/2 c. reduced calorie cranberry juice cocktail, chilled

Combine apple cider, mineral water, and cranberry juice cocktail; stir lightly. Pour into 2 champagne glasses. Serve immediately. For larger brunch parties increase recipe accordingly.

YIELD: 2 cups (1 cup servings)
55 calories

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flowrgirl1 said...

Sounds yummy!

PureBarVeronica said...

MMMM have to try this! We are always combining sparkling water and fruit juices to make out own healthy "soda"