Monday, June 29, 2009

Lightning Rods

I'm always looking for low fat snacks that are also low in sugar. I was asked to sample some new beef sticks, a meat snack from the folks at They're called Lightning Rods. I thought that sounded interesting so I gave it a try.
Since the package does not show the fat or sugar content, I can't vouch for that, but I can say that these beef sticks pack a powerful beef flavor with a hint of something else. Hmmm, what is it?

It turns out that they are made with Guarana, a Brazilian berry that offers a caffeine punch, and Ginseng for high energy. I already knew of the benefits of ginseng. It has often been used by athletes for enhanced performance. I drink ginseng tea on occasion as an antiinflammatory, but while researching for this article I discovered that it can also lower blood glucose for type II diabetes patients, which is a concern of my husband's.
I had not heard of the Guarana berry before, so more research was needed. I discovered that it takes its name form the Guarani tribe of Brazil, who believe this berry can cure bowel disease. It also stimulates energy as it contains a natural chemical similar to caffeine.

All I can say is our sample pack didn't last long. Lightning Rods was definitely a hit at this household. Thanks I appreciate the opportunity to try your new product!

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