Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Triscuits Home Farming

I want to tell you about something wonderful. I wasn't sure whether I wanted this post on Thyme for Herbs or An Herbal Bedfellow, so I am going to post it on both. Please forgive me if you are a subscriber to both blogs.

I'm sure you've all tried Triscuits. It's a delicious cracker that is a favorite at my house; we use it at all of our holiday and family gatherings to go with our dips and spreads.

The folks at Triscuits have become interested in Home Farming; they've joined in with Urban Farming, which is a non-profit organization that encourages us to grow our own vegetables and herbs. The goal is for us to learn to grow healthy vegetables, etc, that are not only good for us, but also saves us money, at the same time, not being harmful in any way to the planet. They would like to help fund and create 50 new community-based farms throughout the US.

To aid us in getting a start on this project, Triscuits has set up a helpful web site. Here you can share and gain knowledge from others at the community forum, get advice from experts, follow a crop guide, and find new recipes. You can even
plot your garden on a map with the other gardeners in the country.

To make all of this more fun, Tricuits has placed plantable seed cards in 4 million boxes of Triscuits! You can find Basil Seed cards in Original Triscuits packages, and Dill Seed cards in Reduced Fat Triscuits. Just soak the seed cards for 2-4 hours, place them in a pot filled with soil, and cover with 1/4 in. of dirt. In 10-12 days, you should see some sprouts. It's a fun project for the kids this summer, too.

Now get out there and grow your own garden, and at harvest time, I'd appreciate an invitation to dinner.

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