Saturday, December 18, 2010

Holiday Baking Tools

If you're like me, you are in the middle of your Holiday baking, or at least getting a start. I thought I'd tell you about two new baking tools I got recently.
I went shopping at my favorite online kitchen store, This time I purchased a NordicWare Natural Commercial Baker's Half Sheet. It is my favorite baking sheet EVER! In the picture you can see Tedibles All Natural Dog Treats getting ready for the oven. Tedibles is my little sideline (if you're interested, check out the web site to see all that is offered.) As soon as I pulled the baking sheet out of the oven, the dog treats began to slide around the tray. Absolutely no sticking! Amazing!

Now this is my new Magic Dough Non-Stick Pastry Mat. I've tried it on pie crusts at Thanksgiving and here on the Tedibles Nibbles. This mat sticks to the counter so there's no sliding around when you are rolling out the dough. I love all of the marks to aid me in judging the size. After several uses in one day, a little slipping does occur, but I discovered I just had to wipe the back side with a damp cloth, because flour sometimes gets under there causing the non-slip to lose its grip. Not a problem. The mat is soft and flexible; it rolls up and has to be stored in a tube. That is one down side for me; trying to find the right place to hold it. but I worked it out because I love the mat so much.
So, happy baking and Merry Christmas/ May all of your pastries be light and flaky!

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