Monday, December 27, 2010

Will 2011 bring me a house?

Will I move this year? That is the big question. The house has now been on the market for two full years.
What will my new kitchen look like? I know this much. I have been in the Victorian mode for over 20 years and I am giving it all up. I am moving toward modern furniture and a high-end upgraded kitchen. Is granite and stainless steel in my future? We'll see. I can't wait!
I'll keep you filled in, my cooking friends. There will be no more posts now, until after the the New Year begins. So Happy New Year. I hope 2011 brings you all you hope for and more!


Janee said...

I will be wishing for this dream to come true for you! Much joy and new beginnings in 2011. :)

Carla said...

Happy 2011! We are planning a move too. I know exactly where, but when is up to me and my packing. Send me packing wishes? I'll send you some 'sell that house QUICK' wishes:)