Friday, January 14, 2011

Stock Pots

After 40 years of marriage, a lot of kitchen items need replacing. Recently a cooking disaster, yes I still have them after all of these years, ruined my wonderful stainless steel stock pot. Time to searchfor something new, so I went to my favorite online kitchen store at CSN Stores.
Look what I found! This darling set of Reston Lloyd pots, called Calypso Basics! They come in the set of three and there is a choice of several vibrant colors. They're enamel coated steel, all with glass lids. This set is 1.5 qt, 2.5 qt, and 3.5 qt. Just right for my family of two.
I thought the yellow would look especially festive with my red stand mixer. It's a typical Michigan January, snowy and some days are pretty gray so a little color will boost my spirits in the kitchen. I'm making a lot of soups and sauces these days and loving these wonderful pots. My next plan is to purchase the large 8 qt. stock pot to match.
Can't wait to tell you what else I bought.! That's the next post.

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